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HASP Dongle Tools

Tool name: Universal HASP Dump to Reg converter
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes)
Author: Sataron                        
Current version: 1.1 b1
Last updated: February 27, 2007
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
License type: Free
Description: Support Dump size (in byte): 204, 220, 332, 693, 716, 719, 732.
Support Dump from HaspHL keys: 719 ("hasp.dmp")+4048,+128,+112 ("hhl_mem.dmp"). Files "hasp.dmp" and "hhl_mem.dmp"

should be in the same directory.
Support change in the number of network users.
Support for the user name (only for info in *.reg file).
Support for the time and date.
Support long EDS (for Glasha, HarmEr emulator).

Support emulator:
Chingachguk & Denger2k,
Glasha or HarmEr(0.8b),
HarmEr(0.9b)(test support),
TORO Hasp4 (test support),
Chingachguk based Hasp HL (table),
SafeKey Hasp4 emulator (*.SYD).
Also listed in: Dongle Dumper Tools
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