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Auto Debug

Tool name: Auto Debug
Rating: 3.5 (2 votes)
Current version: 4.3
Last updated: 2007
Direct D/L link: N/A
License type: Shareware
Description: Auto Debug software is an API monitor tool which can automatic trace all APIs and ActiveX interface to input and output parameters. After setting the API which you want to monitor easily, this application will auto trace the target program and monitor the function of inputting and outputting calling. It analysises PDB files automatic while monitoring any DLL and ActiveX interface.

Different from others apispy or API monitor tools, Auto Debug software doesn't need the user to develop any DLL or hook DLL. It's easy to use --- Only setting the APIs which we want to monitor with ON, once the target application running and calling these APIs, it will monitor their parameters of inputting and outputting automaticly! Don't need to develop any DLL, once installing the software, we can start to monitor APIs NOW!

If we have the API prototype(often from the .h file), we can build the PDB file without origin source easily. For example, we can found a sample for generating comdlg32.dll PDB file at ($InstallPath\PDBsample). --- (need Professional Version, it also generates over 30 windows system DLL's PDB files in the Professional Version).

News: Auto Debug for Windows x64 version is available.


It doesn't need to rebuild the source code while monitoring inputting parameters and outputting results of the traced APIs in the target program automaticly, only monitoring the input and output of APIs.

* Source Code level monitor.(new in Professional V4.1).
* Automatic analysis parameter type with PDB files.(new in V4.0). Support for Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Visual C++ 6.0.
* Very easy to generate PDB files without source code if you know the api prototype.(new in Professional V4.0).
* Tracing your application with release version.
* The best API monitor tool.
* Tracing Release version with mapfile.
* Supporting Debug version and Release version, not need source code.
* Supporting tracing COM Interface.
* Supporting multithread.
* Not need to know the prototype of the functions.
* Not only trace for exported APIs, but also be effect for undocumented APIs.
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