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Anti Anti-BPM FrameWork

Tool name: Anti Anti-BPM FrameWork
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Author: Robert Yates                        
Current version:
Last updated: September 19, 2003
Direct D/L link:
License type: GNU
Description: This is a fully working example of using Intels GD(General Detection) bit,
to invoke debug exceptions upon any access to a debug register.

Currently, the provided source will lock down any drx access to only
NTICE, a hardcoded base for my NTICE is in the src, you may need to
modify this for you own, search the source for the keyword ACCESS_RIGHTS.

Any attempt of a MOV REG, DRX will be 'faked' by placing a default value
into the reg to fool the calling app into thinking no BPMs are set.
Any attempt of a MOV DRX, REG will be totally ignored, or emulated if
NTICE is the caller.

All output is given via debug msgs which have been formatted to be read
by sysinternals debugview(included) with force linefeed on.
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