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Searching the Library

To find an item related to a specific subject in the library, i.e. a item for which you still don't know any specific name, use the following technique:

  • Browse the category hierarchy tree down to the category or categories where you think the item would naturally fit, i.e. a category name describing the kind of item you're looking for.

To find a item with a specific name in the library, use any of the following techniques:

  • Use the search box to the left of the screen to search for the name of your item, or anything that might be in its description or other informational fields (do note though that this search box is using Google, so it might take a little while for a newly submitted item to start showing up in these search results!).
  • View the "Full Library Index" page, linked from the menu on the left, and search for any substring of the item name on this page.
  • Enter the URL that the item would most likely have, directly in the address field of your browser, and see if something is there. All items in the library reside on URLs of the following format (where the item in this example is named "My Example Item"): Example Item