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Editing and Updating Pre-existing Entries in the Library

A large part of the idea with this kind of library is to collaboratively keep all its contents and entries up to date, and as complete in their descriptions as possible. Good reasons for editing an already existing item in the library include the following:

  • You have information about the item that is currently missing completely from the listing, regarding e.g. the most recent version, last update, official website URL or most relevant related discussions.
  • You have more up-to-date information about the item than the currently listed one, regarding e.g. the most recent version, last update, official website URL or most relevant related discussions.
  • The item doesn't have a screenshot in its listing (only applicable to certain kinds of items, e.g. crackmes), and you just happen to have a nice screenshot of it on your disk, ready to be uploaded.
  • The locally uploaded copy of the related files are of an older version than the ones you have in your possession, ready to be uploaded. Make sure to read the rules before uploading any files though!
  • You think that the item belongs to one or several other categories in addition to the ones in which is it currently listed (many items are related to several knowledge areas, and the original submitter might not have though of all of them when originally submitting a item).

Editing a item in the library is very simple, and can be summarized in the following short steps:

  1. Go to the item's own page in the library. Make sure that you are on the item's own page, and not just in the listing of one of its parent categories, or the edit button won't appear!
  2. Click the edit button at the very bottom of the selected item page (you must be logged in to be able to do this, which is done by logging into our messageboard).
  3. Fill in any updated or additional details you may have for the item, in the designated boxes, and also possibly upload a screenshot and/or other related file if applicable. Also select any additional categories that you may think the item belongs to, and press the final submit button at the bottom of the page.
  4. You are done, and the item's updated entry will now show up immediately in the library! If something turns out to be wrong in your submitted information, simply edit it again to immediately correct it.

Simple as that, quite neat huh? :-)