News & Information

  • Fixed small issue with displaying download lists

  • Altered the way download lists are made for CSS, should look the same, but if it's messed up in your browser please tell me!
    - Changes are to make the pages look the same on browers that don't handle before: in CSS

  • Added Amiga browsers support, NetSurf being the only one with ANY Css works best. Why? Cos I love the Amiga!

  • Updated AddSig_v2 archive, now includes missing exe version - Thanks HVS for bug report!

  • Another one from the archives! I uploaded a previously unreleased program from 2008 PluginMaster, which organises and converts plugins of different types into other plugins, or into exes.
    Also can make OllyDbg/ImmDbg plugins work on any patched OllyDbg, and also work in Immunity Debugger.
    See Documentation for full list of known plugins and possible options.

  • Updated AddSig_v2 archive, now downloads UserDB from this site and fixes copyright info.
  • Updated copyright info in UserDB.TXT
  • Edited download script, sorry for any errors! Nobody told me there were problems..

  • Rewritten website menu handling and download code, so if anything breaks - let me know!

  • Added lovely smiley bullet points, because there just aren't enough smileys on this site
  • Ironically huge Delphi XE6 executables are detected as "BobSoft Mini Delphi -> BoB / BobSoft" by PEiD

  • Fixed menu for IE11
  • All external links now open in new tab.

  • Bit of a revamp, added new Amiga A1200 logo, also no longer using Google font so a bit faster.
  • Added new social share buttons and now each opens in a window to post.

  • Fixed menus for touchscreen support, now can open menus with one click, select with another.
  • Fixed site images to work on browsers without data-uri support.

  • Added tool to remove weird blank imports from Embarcadero RAD studio XE4 (and others) files..

  • Fixed IE8 sub-sub-menu gradient problem, IE7 untested .. It was z-order issue

  • Lots of site improvements, especially speed improved and css
  • Fixed site for IE7 + IE8, now looks mostly the same on IE7 - IE11 .. Except Google+ doesn't support IE7
  • Fixed sub-sub-menus in IE7 + IE8, seems sub-sub-menu not rendered if >1 gradient used?! Any ideas anyone?

  • Happy 1st birthday to my site! :)

  • Fixed link to PEiD plugin UnRPolyCrypt. Would be nice if whoever was hacking around had just told me!

  • Tweaked site to display correctly when iphone/iOS browser address bar is visible
  • Added a few other design tweaks

  • Changed the way content is accessed, all links updated
  • Added all my old PEiD Plugins for download individually
  • Added mostly own page for PEiD to seperate it from the plugins section

  • Added download links on each page to applications I have written plugins for
  • Added referenced applications to link menu
  • Added a new page for links

  • Many site improvements

  • Added download count to info text of files

  • Added pages for all plugin categories and a page for programs, accessable from the menu

  • Started creating this new website
  • Most files can be downloaded from the menu